About Us

Sinner’s Media is a content creation agency idealized by Emerson Rocha and Jay-Sin to be home to many creators in the future. At the moment it’s home to Jay-Sin and we have some other projects in mind such as Simple Marketing (a digital marketing and SEO website) and Better Living (a self-improvement website and YouTube Channel).


Jay-Sin is a content creator from Brazil that wants to make it big on YouTube and Twitch. He teamed up with us to create content and this website, right now we’re on the planning stages of this journey! For our first big project we’re creating a top 100 for the best games of all time, we’re going to keep updating that list and most of the games there will be played on Twitch.

Jay-Sin has been away from gaming for a while, so in order to build this list he’s going to be playing many classics and new games. If you want to be part of making this list visit his Twitch channel and let’s make the best top 100 list for games in the internet.